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First-Year Medical Student Raises Funds to Feed Over 200 Refugees in Lebanon.

Updated: Apr 9

In a world often overshadowed by headlines of conflict and despair, a beacon of hope emerges from the compassionate actions of individuals like Annabelle Alrez, Anwar Zeidan, and Fatima Hammoudeh. Amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Lebanon, where thousands of refugees face unimaginable hardships, the team felt compelled to take action. Driven by a deep sense of compassion and a commitment to making a difference, Humanity Connect organizers decided to come together to help. Annabelle was undeterred by the demands of her medical studies, and embarked on a mission to assist those in need. With unwavering determination, she mobilized her peers, engaged local communities, and utilized social media platforms to raise awareness about her cause. As a result of a carefully orchestrated fundraising campaign, the non profit was able to raise around 2k and use those funds as a opportunity to alleviate the suffering of refugees in Lebanon by providing them with food and other essential supplies. Reflecting on her journey, Annabelle expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and emphasized the importance of collective action in times of crisis. "It's truly inspiring to see what can be accomplished when we come together for a common purpose," she remarked. As Annabelle continues her medical studies, she remains committed to serving with Humanity Connect and advocating for the marginalized and vulnerable. I am humbled by the generosity of all those who contributed to this cause and thankful to have been able to make a meaningful contribution." said Anwar Zeidan, president and chief executive officer of Humanity Connect.

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