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We are an international team united under one common goal: to improve the lives of the needy. Our members utilize unique skills and passions to move the work of our Non-Profit Organization forward. We are always pushing ourselves to stay involved and to perfect our programs. Meet some of our incredible leaders below!

Anwar Zeidan
President, CEO

Anwar is a graduate of Northwestern State University, school of Allied Health & Nursing with a professional degree of General studies. He aspires to be a respiratory therapist and save lives. He created this international NGO with the hopes of uniting people all around the world despite our differences and to help the humanitarian crisis in all nations around the world. He is certified by U.S Department of Homeland security FEMA: Emergency Management Institute for basic command system response.

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Kareem Shami Chief Operating Officer

Kareem attends San Diego State Universityand is currently majoring in Business Management as a Pre-Law Major. He says, "I wanted to join the team because I was able to see how little can do so much for communities in despair. As a Syrian and one who stayed after the war started, it broke my heart to see my own people flee in the face of chaos. I hope to assist others who have faced similar situations, where we can rightfully restore their “home”- whether it be through financial stability, awareness, and/or offered shelter."

Annabelle Alrez  
Vice President

I’m currently a first year medical student! I graduated from temple university in 2021. My major was neuroscience. I joined because as a Syrian medical student, I'm motivated to join a non-profit charity to contribute my skills towards improving access to medical services and making a meaningful impact on global health outcomes.

Sameer Mohammed  International Services Officer

Sameer attended Rutgers university and graduated in 2021 with a bachelors degree in Marketing. He joined because he says,

"I realized the privilege we have growing up in America with all the opportunities and freedom that we were born with, I want to give back to the world and be the voice for the voiceless and now made it my life mission to assist as many as I can."

Soma Sadiq  International Administrative Officer

I realized the privilege we have growing up in America with all the opportunities and freedom that we were born with, I want to give back to the world and be the voice for the voiceless and now made it my life mission to assist as many as I can.

Dr. Mustafa Qais
Chief Medical Officer

University of Debrecen, Hungary. Currently a medical Intern - graduating 2024. Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)


My childhood dream of becoming a doctor was fueled by a deep-rooted desire to embody empathy and provide assistance to those in need. Joining the Humanity Connect Initiative is a natural extension of this aspiration, allowing me to channel my lifelong commitment to compassion and service into a broader humanitarian context. I am eager to contribute my skills and dedication to the organization's mission, fostering positive change and making a meaningful impact on the lives of vulnerable communities.

May Alkaisi
Chief Administrative Officer

May graduated with her Bachelor's degree from Rutgers University in 2023 and is working towards earning a Master's degree in speech-language pathology. She asserts, "Above all, I am a humanitarian: an advocate for marginalized populations worldwide. While some are born into privilege, others strive for success, yet far too many plead for access to the basic human necessity of adequate nutrition. The crux of what distinguishes us is luck. To counter such odds and drive meaningful social reform, I place my trust in the synergy of innovation and community. Let us unite in our collective pursuit of a more equitable world."

Iyad El Chanati 
Chief Director Of Affairs

Iyad attends Carleton university and will graduate In 2025 and is majoring in a bachelors of commerce with a concentration in supply chain management. He says, "I`m delighted to join the team due to my passion for aiding others. As a Palestinian refugee, I face unique challenges that add complexity to my journey. Nevertheless, my aspirations for the future revolve around offering support and assistance to my homeland in every conceivable manner, with the aim of instilling a sense of pride within my country. I firmly believe that education serves as the primary catalyst for unlocking a multitude of interconnected human rights."

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Carly Spalding Chief outreach director

Carly is a student at Pellissippi state community college, she is majoring in mechanical engineering and computer science. She aspires to become a cloud engineer. She joined humanity connect because she wishes to help those affected by the refugee crisis. Her dream is to leave an impact on the world, one human at a time.

MAKENZIE LEDINGTON Director of Communications

Makenzie is a recent graduate of Northwestern University with a Bachelors in Biology. She is a 1st level Nursing Student. She is kindhearted with hopes to care for those in need.

Nilesh Ugrejiya  India Representative

I am Nilesh Ugrejiya from Mumbai, India. I am a diploma holder in Aviation, Hospitality and travel management industry. I joined humanity connect as it’s been a great initiative where people from all around the world unite as a one team and work for betterment of our countries and make our world a happy place to live for everyone. To be a part of such a great initiative where we can do betterment and upliftment of human rights and human issues globally is always been a dream for me where I can work for people.

JINAL PATEL Chief Medical Supervisor

Jinal is a full time student in a Masters of Family Nurse Practitioner program, as well as a full-time ICU nurse in Orlando, FL. She has received both her Bachelors in Health Studies, and a BSN.  As a nurse, she is surrounded by patients of all races and religion, and to each we give equal care. Having humanity isn’t hard, it’s in the simplest things in Jinal's viewpoint. Even outside of healthcare, being a good citizen and helping the less fortunate is what everyone should do on a daily basis. Putting that one smile on someone’s face sometimes doesn’t even take much effort. She loved the chance to be able to contribute to an organization that is promoting that because it can help me set goals rather than just thinking about doing something to help and not knowing exactly how to.

Sameen Haider
Canada Relations Coordinator

Sameen attends the University of Windsor and will graduate in 2025 with a Major in Business Administration. She says, "I want to join the team because I want to help give back on an international scale, build new skills and make an impact. I joined the team so that I’m able to give a hand to those that aren’t as fortunate in life and to have a positive impact in this world."

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Nour Shraiki Chief Project Coordinator​

Nour is an ambitious student who is currently pursuing a double major in political science and law and society at the University of Connecticut. Her family is from Syria, which has inspired her to become a lawyer and advocate for immigrants. Nour is a firm believer in justice and strives to make a positive impact on society by speaking up against injustice

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KHALED MONEFA Gaza Representative

Khaled attends Gaza University, where he is studying Law, and he aspires to be a lawyer. He is a human rights activist and joined the team because he likes to help people everywhere, and make sure they live in a safe and fair environment.

LAMEES ALHAJEH Corporate Outreach Supervisor 

Lamees graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College with a bachelors in biology. She is an aspiring dentist. She works as a dental assistant and constantly seeks to help her community. Lamees’s  passion is helping the underserved. She believes that a good community is a group of people who seek to help everyone and does not revolve around ones limited surroundings. 

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HAMZA ORFALI Corporate Medical Coordinator

Hamza is a fourth-year medical student studying at Al Neelain University in Khartoum, Sudan. He joined the team because he wants to utilize his medical skills to help those who don't have teh ability to be taken care of mentally and physically. He holds the position of external relations in the College of Medicine and is currently the president of the Medical Students Union.

MICHAEL GALVEZ Honduras Representative

Michael is a second-year student studying at the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana, San Pedro Sula. He is majoring in psychology. Michael joined HumanityConnect because he believes this organization can make a true difference and transformation in the lives of the needy throughout the globe.

GHAZAL ALSALEH Canada Representative

Ghazal will be graduating from the University of Ottawa in 2025 as an Honors Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences student. She would like to join the humanity connect team as she is confident that we are a capable of serving the world with impactful movements that support humanity and restore compassion. She says, “I am determined to utilize my resources to pursue my passion for helping the vulnerable and creating necessary change to global issues and conflicts.”

tala canada.JPG
Tala Alkhiyami 
Global Communications Officer

Tala is attending Tommy Douglas Secondary School as a SHSM Health and Wellness student. She plans on becoming a dermatologist in which her passion for helping others led her to HCI where she continuously aims to improve the quality of life of individuals globally.

Louisiana Representative

Tala attended the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and majored in criminal justice with a minor in forensics. She joined the team because she is passionate of helping others in need and greatly improving their lives. With HumanityConnect, she can fulfill her ambitions on an international scale.

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Yusra Al-Nahari Ethiopia Representative

Yusra is a  student of English language in the College of education Hadramout Seiyun. She worked in radio stations for over 2 years as a producer and actor. She is socially active and youth active and volunteers. At the beginning of this year she was to be one of the participants in Istanbul youth summit 2023 and the best active team of I.Y.S. 2023. She decided to join the team because she is half Yemeni and half Ethiopia and  believes that  she is living to finish her message and that message is to give her country the help and the time to make change. She volunteered in Yemen for around 5 years and she moved to Ethiopia and wants to do the same to my people in Ethiopia as much as she can. She sees that she can make this happen by joining this hopefully team with God willing for sure. 

MOHAMMED JAMHOUR Public Affairs Officer

Mohammed is a pre-medicine/pre-dental student studying at the University of New Orleans. He plans on graduating in 2023. Mohammed joined HumanityConnect because he believes it is important to visualize the sufferings and obstacles the poor and needy face constantly. Mohammed aims to greatly enhance the lives of impoverished individuals through charity work and donations. 

MOIZ SYED Texas Associate

Moiz is currently attending the University of Houston and is pursuing a masters in technology communication. Moiz joined the team because he aims to provide aid and assistance to the needy worldwide through teamwork and organization.

ELIAS HIJAZIN Bethlehem Representative

Elias is from Bethlehem, Palestine, and is currently studying electrical engineering at Al-Quds University. He plans on graduating in 2025. Elias joined the team because he aims to help others and would like to do this on an international scale. By working with other members, Elias wants to be part of a movement that aims to provide a global impact on impoverished individuals and families.

Fiza Abid 

Fiza is currently studying Biology on the Pre-Med track at Rutgers University and she plans to graduate in May 2025. She says, “I want to join this team because amidst everything going on in the world right now, I believe it is our responsibility as individuals to contribute towards positive change and support those facing adversity. Drawing from my firsthand experiences in countries where people struggle to meet their basic needs and provide for their families, I am driven to be a part of a team that actively works to make a meaningful impact and provide assistance to those in need.” 

Ibrahim Hussam Sudan Representative

Techway Academy Nursing Diploma

Medical statistics student at National Ribat University 2022

I already have a higher diploma in nursing, and now I’m studying medical statistics. The world is full of those who need help, in all the World. And I want to share with those who love doing good, and to be able to gain experience from all the volunteers.

I want to serve my country, Sudan, with all the means I can get.

Being part of a team through which I can develop new skills, and be a leading figure in the community and I fully believe that humanity connect organization will be a new starting point for me to expand with good and help.

AYESHA AZZAM Canada Associate

Ayesha is from Canada and is majoring in business and psychology. She joined the team because she wants to give back to communities throughout the globe and assist in any form possible.

FAYEZ HUSSEINI Lebanon Representative

Fayez attends the Lebanese International University (LIU). He graduates in 2023. He is majoring in information technology (IT) and wants to join the team for charitable assistance.


Marian is a freshman at Bethlehem University and she is majoring in Education specialist in Arabic Language. Marian is joining the team with the hopes to help people in her community as well as in an international scale. 

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MIREL JARAYSEH Bethlehem Outreach supervisor

Mirel is currently a freshman at Bethlehem University where she studies social work. Mirel joined the team to help people and spread joy to those in need. 


Haytham Alqasmi  Chief Corporate Officer

Haytham attends University of Michigan, he gradautes in 2024. He is a Premed concentration, hoping to do movement science major. He wants to help facilitate better resources to impoverished Muslim Communities. 

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Reena Hachmi

Canadian Secretary General of Affairs


​Reena attends Western University for Medical Science and she will graduate the year of 2025. She says, "I want to join this charity because I want to improve the lives of people around the world. Even if it’s a small change, a small way can make a huge difference. Seeing people smile knowing they are safe, healthy, and happy is what matters."

Vane Alright
International Relations Coordinator

Vane Graduated from Penn Foster. She said, "I was interested in joining the team because I love helping people, and seeing the kids smile, especially the underprivileged communities that can not afford the necessities and I want to contribute to a good cause.


Manar Khaled Hebron Representative

Manar attends Palestine Polytechnic University in Hebron. She is a medical student, and aspires to be a general surgeon. She says, "Today's world is completely different, and we need people who try to reverse the problems and can help people, and I confess that I found everything you've done and changed amazing, I hope to be part of this journey with you and that we can change this world and make it a better place, InshaAllah!"

Hadi Araji Lebanon Affairs Minister

Hadi, finished his undergraduate studies in banking and finance at Lebanese International University. His career in social work began with the participation in the establishment of "Bar Elias Youth Forum" Association in 2015.  He said, "I am honored to be among you and help provide a helping hand to everyone in need to compensate them a little for the difficult conditions they are going through, also to draw a beautiful smile on the faces of the children and provide them with hope for a better life."

Leali Shalabi International Chief Journalist

Leali attends the University of South Florida. She is a fourth year student and is majoring in Mass communications with a concentration in broadcast news.  She says, "As a Palestinian-American, I’ve seen the struggle of the effects of war, poverty, and occupation and what that does to a community and I feel as though I’ve been granted the opportunity to make it out of a war-torn country to do better and to give back. I’m pursuing journalism to be the voice for the voiceless and that goes hand in hand with doing anything and everything I can to help out those in need. I’ll do what I can do for the ones who never could and be the help they wished they could’ve been. In honor of the ones lost in my country and to every innocent life that’s been taken away unjustly."

Nasser Zagharna Palestine Representative

Nasser attended Birzeit University and graduated with a degree in Audiology and Speech language pathology. He joined to assist those in need because he finds it comforting to be there for people in their time of need.

Noorhan Elsaghir Michigan Outreach Coordinator

Noorhan attended Wayne State University and graduated with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Public Health. She says, "I joined the team because I’m interested in helping people in a way that makes a direct impact. As a muslim, helping others is foundational. While I am grateful and thankful for all I have, the best way to use it is to help others.

Adnan Khan Pakistan Representative

Adnan attends International Islamic University Islamabad and is majoring in a degree in BS Mass Communication and will graduate in 2023. He says, " By profession I am a Journalist, but by Passion I am a Social Activist. His hopes are to give Time, Skills, Knowledge, Experience, Patience, Flexibility and Energy to help the cause. While in return feel valued and be apart of the team to make a difference, create life lasting memories, new friends, and connect with Communities to embolden the human spirit.

Rayan Darwiche Michigan Public Liason

 Rayan currently attends Wayne State University in Detroit. She is majoring in political science with a minor in criminal justice. She plans on attending law school following graduation. She says, "I joined Humanity Connect because growing up I was always taught to give back whenever the opportunity presented itself and that being something I have always practiced, I found that joining a team like this was a perfect way of doing that."

Mohammad Osman Business Affairs Supervisor

Mohammad went to the university of North Texas. He graduated in 2021 with a BA in communication with a concentration in professional sales, with a minor in aviation logistics. He says, "I think helping people is a duty, but I also feel like there’s different types of people. In the world there are good and bad people, and there’s the ones that hide their good and bad. I just wanna be one of the good ones for as long as I’m breathing."

Ismail Hasan 

Indonesia Representative

 Ismail is a student of Sayyid Ali Rahmatullah. He says, "The reason I joined the team was because I wanted to contribute in the field of humanity to the best of my ability, because as the ancients said, "good things will be rewarded for us."

Adariju Elias Nigeria communications specialist

I am under graduate student of Agriceconomics and extension at Adamawa state University mubi, Nigeria, I joined this community,because a channel in which I can  contribute and  giving back to the society.while touching lives.

Salim Ibrahim Nigeria Representative

University: Adamawa State UniversityYear of Graduation: 2021Major: BA.EnglishI want to join the team because it reflects to my value and what i believe in.I also believe that they are people out there who need my help regardless of  their race, ethnicity, religion and social status. It's also rare gift to be able to give back in a greater sense and a global scale.

Amina Ibrahim
General supervisor of affairs

Amina attended Madonna University with a bachelors degree of Dietetics & Nutrition. She joined the team to further support her own goals of helping those in need. She envisions that simple actions go along way to get good deeds whilst helping others

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Fatima Hammoudeh
Corporate international Liason

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2021 with my degree in Biochemistry. I want to join the team because from a young age I’ve always had a desire to help people and creating a positive impact in any way makes me feel as though I have a purpose.

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