We are an international team united under one common goal: to improve the lives of the needy. Our members utilize unique skills and passions to move the work of our Non-Profit Organization forward. We are always pushing ourselves to stay involved and to perfect our programs. Meet some of our incredible leaders below!

Founder and Executive Director

Anwar is a graduate of Northwestern State University with a degree in General studies. He's currently a third-year undergraduate student at Louisiana State University studying cardiopulmonary sciences of Respiratory Therapy. His drive and passion for aiding in worldly humanitarian crises led him to start this organization. He holds true his dream of combining all people together and traveling to aid those who are less fortunate throughout the world.He hopes to apply the medical skills he obtained during his education in our international mission trips.

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Illinois Representative

Zeren attends the University of Illinois at Chicago and is majoring in molecular biology with a concentration in pre-medicine. She intends on becoming a trauma surgeon. Zeren joined the team because she enjoys assisting individuals in need to the best of her ability and would like to help ease suffering throughout the world. 

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Operations Manager

With us since our founding, Asia Thomas is one of our dedicated team members. She brings her years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

International Affairs Representative

Yara will be a graduate of Philadelphia University in 2022 with a Bachelor's degree in International Accounting. She believes that true happiness comes from the moment one does something in effort to help someone in need. Knowing about this organization & what it does makes her happy. She is looking forward to the future endeavors of being part of it.

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Advocacy and Policy Representative

Deena attends the University of Mary Washington & will graduate with a dual Bachelor's degree in 2021. She studies Political Science and Religion, minoring in Middle Eastern Studies. Deena enjoys promoting freedom and justice for all, she knows that collective action can bring change only if we fight for our cause.

Chief Administrative Officer

Islam will be a graduate of Loyola New Orleans in 2021 with a Bachelors in Biology. Islam aspires to be a Physician and use that medical expertise on our medical missions to make a positive impact in our world.

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Human Rights Officer

Razan is a recent graduate from Qatar University with a Bachelor in Laws. She Will commence with her Masters In Human Rights in August. She always had a passion for helping others. She believes that through this organization she will have the chance to work with other passionate youth to spread awareness of ongoing issues occurring throughout our societies and provide the best possible help for the most vulnerable.

Corporate Representative

Jordan will be graduating from the University of San Francisco in 2021 with a Bachelors in Science of Nursing. Jordan recently did a medical outreach mission to the Dominican Republic and loved it! It made her want to participate more with organizations that aim to help others in need. She believes that if we all get to know each other, we'll see that we're not as different as we may think we are and that this organization has the same motives!

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Director of Communications

Makenzie is a recent graduate of Northwestern University with a Bachelors in Biology. She is a 1st level Nursing Student. She is kindhearted with hopes to care for those in need.

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Nilesh Ugrejiya 
India Representative

I am Nilesh Ugrejiya from Mumbai, India. I am a diploma holder in Aviation, Hospitality and travel management industry. I joined humanity connect as it’s been a great initiative where people from all around the world unite as a one team and work for betterment of our countries and make our world a happy place to live for everyone. To be a part of such a great initiative where we can do betterment and upliftment of human rights and human issues globally is always been a dream for me where I can work for people.

Yemen Representative

Orjwana joined Humanityconnect to help people not only in her home country, but in various parts of the world. She likes to see poor families happy and well fed, especially children and old people.

Chief Development Officer

Adam will be a Graduate from Northwestern State University in 2023 with a Bachelors in Sciences of Nursing. He joined the team because he says, “Humanityconnect is doing a beautiful thing that I would like to be apart of”.

Chief Advocacy Officer

Raneen graduated from San Francisco State University in the fall of 2020 with two bachelor's in History and Political Science. She is planning on being a civil rights attorney after law school, She has always had a passion for helping people! She joined because Non-profit organizations focusing on humanitarian efforts are absolutely crucial to bringing awareness to, providing resources for, and providing aid to those in a place of need.

Corporate Consultant

Thomas Will be a Graduate from Louisiana State University in 2023 With a Bachelor's in Political Science & Pre-Law.

He wants to join this organization to help develop it into something great while also helping people and areas in need.

Texas Representative

Tima attends University of Houston, she is majoring in Biology and Psychology. She wants to join to spread awareness of occurring issues facing today’s society and help provide people with necessities, as Humanityconnect does. She says that there are a lot of wonderful people putting in effort to make the world better, and she wants to be part of it. She wants to make a change and help. She says that this team seems considerate, determined, supportive, kind, loving, and full of passion to help others in need.

Pennsylvania Representative

Anika wishes to attend college and earn a degree in the Health Sciences. Anika's desire to aid others have always pushed her to find solutions to challenges inside the community. By joining the HumanityConnect team, she is now enabled to contribute to her goals not only inside her community but also outside and internationally. "I am excited about the change I can bring. Many global issues are waiting to be solved, and I believe that joining this organization will help in assisting for resolutions slowly but surely."

Chief Medical Supervisor

Jinal is a full time student in a Masters of Family Nurse Practitioner program, as well as a full-time ICU nurse in Orlando, FL. She has received both her Bachelors in Health Studies, and a BSN. 

As a nurse, she is surrounded by patients of all races and religion, and to each we give equal care. Having humanity isn’t hard, it’s in the simplest things in Jinal's viewpoint. Even outside of healthcare, being a good citizen and helping the less fortunate is what everyone should do on a daily basis. Putting that one smile on someone’s face sometimes doesn’t even take much effort. She loved the chance to be able to contribute to an organization that is promoting that because it can help me set goals rather than just thinking about doing something to help and not knowing exactly how to.

United Kingdom Representative

Aymen attends the London School of Economics and will graduate with a Bachelor's of Science and Economics. He joined our team to expand the reach of Humanityconnect across the world and make change globally.

New Jersey Representative

Dayana is a Biology Major at Middlesex County College, and will graduate in 2023. As a longstanding contributor to many NGO's, she joined Humanityconnect to be able to involve herself directly in a charitable organization.

Volunteer Supervisor

Natalie will be a graduate of Northwestern State University in 2021 with dual degrees in 

Nursing BSN and psychology.

She wants to be a part of the change for a better future: "Many of us are granted with more resources than we can imagine or even use, whereas there are other in this same world, living and existing without the same resources. My goal isn’t just to help those around the world, but to help those in my community. Change can start small and it can cause a butterfly effect, that is what I want to be a part of, that is why I want to join. Aid comes in all sizes and in all walks of life, I hope that I can reach whoever I’m meant to help."

New York Representative

Aliyah is a student at Long Island University majoring in health science. She plans on graduating in 2024. Aliyah joined HumanityConnect in order to help individuals that are overlooked and forgotten. Aliyah wants the poor and needy to know that the members of this organization aim to improve the quality of their lives significantly.

Public Relations Coordinator

Aziza plans on attending either MIT or Cornell. She’s currently working towards a career in the computer science field. I’m interested in joining the team so that I’m able to give a hand to those that aren’t as fortunate in life and to have a positive impact in this world.

Michigan Representative

 Sara is in her second-year at Michigan State University and is majoring in Astrophysics with a minor in CMSE. She joined Humanityconnect to help those in need and put a smile on their faces.

Corporate International Liason

Isra is a sophomore at Florida State University and is majoring in Criminology and Psychology. She strongly believes in advocating and helping others and joined Humanityconnect because she strongly agrees with what we stand for. "There are so many parts of the world that need our help and this organization is doing just that!"

Illinois Representative

Fatima is an aspiring MRI technician.

She wants to join the team because

there is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in the lives of people in our great community. To her, helping and seeing the smiles on other's faces in return makes her happy.

Gaza Representative

Khaled attends Gaza University, where he is studying Law, and he aspires to be a lawyer. He is a human rights activist and joined the team because he likes to help people everywhere, and make sure they live in a safe and fair environment.

Corporate Administrator 

Rowan graduated from Montclair State University in 2019 with a Bachelors in Family Science and Human Development with a minor in sociology. She joined the team so she can be a helping hand and raise awareness. Her motto is "Plant seeds in one another and aspire to inspire."

Michigan Chief Medical Supervisor 

Ramaq is in her first year of Pre-Med at the University of Michigan, and will graduate in 2024 with a Bachelors in Biochemistry. She has worked privately to assist those in need, and joined our team to play a part in Humanityconnect's international efforts.

Administrative Supervisor

Nancy will graduate from Montclair State University in 2022 with a Bachelors of Science, and will complete an MBA in Business Management in 2024.
She joined our team because she believes that greatness is not what you have, but what you give. To put a smile on the faces of others is the start of making a small difference in the world.

Chief Project Coordinator

Sabrina is a sophomore at Michigan State University and will be graduating in 2023. She is double majoring in Human Biology & Genomics and Molecular Genetics, minoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation working towards getting her Bachelor's degree. Sabrina joined the team because she sees this as an opportunity to further exercise her passion for helping others in need and making a positive impact worldwide.

Corporate Outreach Supervisor 

Lamees graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College with a bachelors in biology. She is an aspiring dentist. She works as a dental assistant and constantly seeks to help her community. Lamees’s  passion is helping the underserved. She believes that a good community is a group of people who seek to help everyone and does not revolve around ones limited surroundings. 

Corporate Medical Coordinator

Hamza is a fourth-year medical student studying at Al Neelain University in Khartoum, Sudan. He joined the team because he wants to utilize his medical skills to help those who don't have teh ability to be taken care of mentally and physically. He holds the position of external relations in the College of Medicine and is currently the president of the Medical Students Union.

Canada Representative

Ghazal will be graduating from the University of Ottawa in 2025 as an Honors Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences student. She would like to join the humanity connect team as she is confident that we are a capable of serving the world with impactful movements that support humanity and restore compassion. She says, “I am determined to utilize my resources to pursue my passion for helping the vulnerable and creating necessary change to global issues and conflicts.”

Honduras Representative

Michael is a second-year student studying at the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana, San Pedro Sula. He is majoring in psychology. Michael joined HumanityConnect because he believes this organization can make a true difference and transformation in the lives of the needy throughout the globe.

British Communications Officer

Salome is a first-year student at the University of Leeds. She is currently studying computer science and business and plans on graduating in 2024. Salome joined the organization because she wants to be part of a beneficial nonprofit that benefits many people throughout the world. She also joined this organization in order to reduce global inequality and contribute to world peace.

Nepal Representative

Jasmine is a student studying at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland. She is majoring in general aviation management. She is joining HumanityConnect because she believes that this organization reaches out to many individuals throughout the world. She also wants to help people become more aware of the hardships the poor endure on a daily basis.

Jerusalem Representative

Alissar is a senior in high school. She is originally from Jerusalem, Palestine. She plans attending university in the United Kingdom and plans on pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. She will be graduating between 2025-2026. At the age of 15, Alissar launched a nonprofit organization: Kalemat Falastenieh. We are thrilled to have Alissar on our team as her expertise and experience with her nonprofit will greatly benefit this organization.

Corporate Secretary

Chaimaa is from Texas, USA, and attends the University of Texas at Tyler. She is currently studying mechanical engineering and plans on graduating in 2022. Chaimaa joined this organization in order to put a smile on the poor and needy. Beginning from a young age, she has always cared for the needy and strongly believes that this world is too short to not uplift the lives of others. She draws her inspiration from the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) 

Singapore Representative

Nur is from Singapore and recently graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic majoring in architecture. She plans on attending university and studying social work. Nur joined the team because she wants to give back to the world as much as she can. She believes she is blessed to live in one of the most developed nations in the world and, thus, wants to provide help and aid to those less fortunate. 

Sri Lanka Representative

Hima is from Sri Lanka and is currently part of an internship at J.O.I.N. Health in Kandy, Sri Lanka. She is also attending university and is majoring in psychology. Hima joined HumanityConnect because she is passionate in being a part of helping others in desperate need.

Spain Representative

Fatma is from Spain and is currently studying at an online American high school. She is currently studying business computer information and psychology. Fatma became a part of the team because she wants to put a smile on the less fortunate and sympathize with the struggles they encounter on a constant basis. 

South Africa Representative

Naseema is from South Africa and graduated from the University of the Western Cape with a degree in occupational therapy. As a heath professional, Naseema has worked with different types of patients and communities throughout her career. The projects and mission of HumanityConnect align with her dreams for the world. Much of this organization's skills involve building relationships, connections, and improving upon global humanity. Naseema is qualified for these skills and we are thrilled to have her on the team.

New York Team Associate

Dakire is a third-year student at the City University of New York: College of Staten Island. She is currently majoring in radiology and medical imaging and plans on graduating in 2023. She joined our team because she wants to be a part of beneficial change. Dakire also wants to greatly enhance the lives of the poor through aid and humanitarian assistance.

Germany Representative

Wiame is a pre-law student from Germany. She joined HumanityConnect because she aims to be a part of a bigger change that will enhance the lives of people in need. We are thrilled to have Wiame join the team.

Team India Volunteer

Omkar attends the University of Mumbai and is obtaining a degree in information technology. He plans on graduating in 2022. Omkar joined the team as he always strives to do good for others. Doing good for others has always been an integral part of Omkar's upbringing.

Canada Representative

Dana attends the University of Alberta and plans on graduating in 2024. She is majoring in nursing. Dana joined HumanityConnect because she wants to benefit those not only in her local community but communities throughout the globe. As a future nurse, Dana has a passion for helping those that need it direly.

Chief Design Officer

Iman is studying neuroscience at the Ohio State University and intends on graduating in 2023. She joined the team because she wants to benefit many individuals in poverty-stricken countries. She is inspired by her Islamic faith as she aims to help her brothers and sisters throughout many impoverished and conflict-stricken countries.

Public Affairs Officer

Mohammed is a pre-medicine/pre-dental student studying at the University of New Orleans. He plans on graduating in 2023. Mohammed joined HumanityConnect because he believes it is important to visualize the sufferings and obstacles the poor and needy face constantly. Mohammed aims to greatly enhance the lives of impoverished individuals through charity work and donations. 

Michigan Representative

Yasmeen plans on attending the University of South Carolina, School of Pharmacy. Yasmeen believes that it is a duty to help the poor and needy. She is also inspired by her religion to play a major role in alleviating the obstacles of the poor. For these reasons, she joined the team in order to make a difference worldwide.

International Services Officer

Hannah attends the University of North Texas and plans on graduating in 2024. She is majoring in biology. She joined the team because she wants to help improve the lives of the poor. Hannah considers herself extremely fortunate in life and would like to give back to others through sympathy and aid.

Kosovo/Albania Representative

Erviola is from Kosovo and is currently studying psychology. She joined the team because she enjoys helping other people and wants to make a significant impact on their well-being.

South Carolina Representative

Hala attends Clemson University and plans on graduating in 2023. She is majoring in civil engineering. Hala joined the team because she wants to use her passion for helping people on an international scale. She aims to give back to impoverished communities while building new skills and inspiring others.

Florida Representative

Sajeeda recently graduated from high school and will attend the University of South Florida. She joined the team because she passionately enjoys giving back to others with compassion and kindness. She aims to further achieve this goal with our team members.

International Relations Specialist

Karla currently attends Bossier Parish Community College and plans on graduating in 2022. She aspires to be a radiology technologist. She joined the team because she wants to assist impoverished individuals in need and help them cope with traumatic events and changing environments.

U.S. Representative

Mariam attends the University of Texas at Dallas and is majoring in biology. She plans on graduating in 2023 then complete medical school and become a pediatric surgeon. Mariam joined the team because the wants to assist others in need and encourage others to do good.

ayat ram.JPG
Corporate International Supervisor

Ayat attends the University at Buffalo and is majoring in cognitive science. She plans on graduating in 2023. She joined the team because this corporation prioritizes ethics over all. She says, "This company is very goal-driven and I love how we focus on enforcing the message of doing good. She enjoys making a difference and being able to help people who need it most. Knowing I will be working towards a better life for even just one person will bring me so much joy and happiness.

International Administrator

Farah attends Temple University and is currently majoring in biological sciences with a concentration in pre-dental. Farah considers herself giving and helpful to the needy. With HumanityConnect, Farah aims to provide assistance to many individuals and families throughout the globe by serving as international administrator.

Secretary General of International Affairs

Jacqueline is an incoming freshman at the University of Ottawa and plans on graduating in 2025. She is majoring in biomedical sciences. Jacqueline wanted to become a part of HumanityConnect as she is passionate about enriching the lives of others and building a better and happier global society.

Texas Team Associate

Moiz is currently attending the University of Houston and is pursuing a masters in technology communication. Moiz joined the team because he aims to provide aid and assistance to the needy worldwide through teamwork and organization.

Afghanistan Representative

Shagufa is from Afghanistan and attended the SP Jain School of Global Management. She graduated in 2018. Shagufa has been providing great assistance to refugees. With HumanityConnect, she aims to continue this assistance on a global level. 

Texas Associate

Manal is from Texas and is an avid volunteer in her community. Manal joined the team because she aims to work with individuals with the same goal: to provide assistance through humanitarian aid. As part of her religion, she believes that giving back and effectively improving the lives of others should be done through hard work and effective teamwork.

Bethlehem Representative

Elias is from Bethlehem, Palestine, and is currently studying electrical engineering at Al-Quds University. He plans on graduating in 2025. Elias joined the team because he aims to help others and would like to do this on an international scale. By working with other members, Elias wants to be part of a movement that aims to provide a global impact on impoverished individuals and families.

Kazakhstan Representative

Samaya is from Kazakhstan and attends Suleyman Demirel University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She is majoring in English and French. Samaya joined the team because she wants to put a smile on people's faces and aims to utilize teamwork to accomplish many goals worldwide. She wants to be part of an organization that improves the lives of individuals on an international scale.

New Jersey Associate

Haneen currently attends Berkeley College and is majoring in interior design. She will graduate in 2022. Haneen joined HumanityConnect as she enjoys discovering novel methods and techniques that can be applied to help the poor on an international scale. She aims to have a large impact on the lives of the poor.

Florida Management Officer

Sarah attends Florida International University and is majoring in biomedical engineering. She plans on graduating in 2025. Sarah joined the team because she aims to help connect impoverished individuals throughout the globe with the care and assistance necessary. She aims to help reduce global poverty rates by a significant margin.

Governmental Relations Liaison

Hajar is a high school student planning on attending the University of Toronto. She joined the team because it provides her an opportunity to work on an international scale to improve the daily lives of the impoverished and also greatly broaden her perspective of global society. Hajar also joined in order to surround herself with a community dedicated to constructing a better environment and raising awareness on the difficulties many individuals and families face on a daily basis.

Global Communications Officer

Raneem attends The University of Texas at Dallas where she will graduate in 2022 with her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience. She aspires to become a physician and to serve impoverished and underserved communities all around the world. Raneem joined Humanityconnect because she believes that every person has a story to be told and a voice to be heard. She hopes to give back to her community by raising awareness for others and promoting global unity, one story at a time.  

Indiana Representative

Maha attends Purdue University Fort Wayne and will graduate in 2025. She is majoring in biochemistry. She joined the team because she wants to help those that cannot help themselves and also give back to global communities.

Canadian Affairs Manager

Haya attends Laurentien University and will graduate in 2024. She is majoring in psychology. Haya joined the team because she aims to contribute to those in need and be a part of a global cause that Haya believes will benefit her as a person and also  the lives of impoverished individuals and communities throughout the world. 

Pennsylvania Outreach Supervisor

Nargis attends Kutztown University and is majoring in criminal justice. She plans on also going into forensics as well. She joined the organization because she aims to assist others in any form possible. We are happy to have Nargis as part of our team!

Canada Team Associate

Sedra is a senior in high school and plans on studying enginnering and mathematics. She joined the team because she wants to be better informed of the suffering people face worldwide and also wants to greatly improve the lives of the impoverished through humanitarian aid and work. She believes HumanityConnect is a great initiative to create opportunities for individuals worldwide.

Corporate Advocacy Specialist

Nasma attends San Diego Miramar College and plans on transferring to the University of California San Diego. She is majoring in political science. She joined the team because she wants to give back to the needy throughout the world and also open up new opportunities to be involved with humanitarian aid. 

California Representative

Dunya attended California State University, Sacramento, and graduated in 2020. She majored in interior design. Dunya joined the team because she wants to be a part of a global team that provides help and aid to the needy. She aims to have a better understanding of the problems and obstacles the poor and needy face and wants to help them out as much as possible.

Jerusalem Outreach Supervisor

Celine recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology. She is currently attending the University of Haifa for her Masters of Public Health in Health Administration and Global Leadership. She plans on attending medical school. Celine joined the team because she aims to assist others in need, especially refugees.

Serbia Representative
Italy Representative
Canada Associate

Ayesha is from Canada and is majoring in business and psychology. She joined the team because she wants to give back to communities throughout the globe and assist in any form possible.

New Orleans Team Associate

Bayan attends the University of New Orleans and is majoring in civil engineering. She joined HumanityConnect because she aims to provide assistance to others to the best of her ability. 

Louisiana Representative

Tala attends the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and is majoring in criminal justice with a minor in forensics. She plans on graduating in May of 2022. She joined the team because she is passionate of helping others in need and greatly improving their lives. With HumanityConnect, she can fulfill her ambitions on an international scale.

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Nigeria Representative

Aysha is from Nigeria and attended Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria. She majored in Health Economics. She joined the team because she aims to obtain more experiences helping others and to assist the needy on an international scale.

Raneem is from Oregon and graduated with a bachelor's in criminology and criminal justice major and a psychology minor. She is a second-year criminal justice graduate student at Portland State University. Her graduate studies focus on human sex trafficking. Raneem wants to join the team because she believes that her skillset and knowledge on this topic would allow her to raise more awareness on this global problem. Furthermore, she aims to help improve the lives of the impoverished worldwide.

Oregon Representative

Lamar is from Bethlehem University and she is majoring in Accounting and minoring in CAIS. Lamar wants to join the team to hel