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Company Goals:

The transformative impact of fostering an engaged and active membership within our organization cannot be overstated. With an increasing number of dedicated members actively involved in our mission, we witness a cascading effect that ripples through every facet of our initiatives. As our membership base expands and becomes more invested in helping others, the scope and depth of our services experience exponential growth. The collective energy and commitment of our members fuel a dynamic synergy, resulting in heightened efficiency and a broader reach for our programs. With each new member, we not only augment our human resources but also introduce diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and unique skill sets that enrich the tapestry of our organization. This synergy equates to a profound increase in our capacity to provide essential services to those in need. The impact extends beyond numerical measures, influencing the very essence of our organizational culture. The ripple effect of having more engaged members is not confined to the immediate services we offer; it resonates in the lasting change we effect in communities, creating a legacy of compassion, empowerment, and sustained support for those we are privileged to serve."

Company Policies & Expectations:

  1. Team Formation and Mission Adventure:

    1. Embark on an exciting journey by becoming a representative in your state or country, creating and leading your own dynamic team. Every two months, collaborate with your team to tackle a mission that makes a real impact. All team members must be 18 or older.

  2. Flexibility and Autonomy:

    1. Enjoy the freedom to hold team meetings at your convenience, allowing you to strategize and plan missions that align with your passion. Keep it exciting by surprising an administrator at corporate with your well-thought-out mission details.

  3. Financial Support for Impact:

    1. Once approved, our program director will provide the funds needed to execute your mission. Don't forget to proudly showcase our logo at each event, highlighting our unique efforts in society.

  4. Personal Recognition and Social Media Impact:

    1. Showcase your role by including your job title in your Instagram bio, linking to our account, and sharing posts regularly. The more you share, the more recognition you'll receive on social media. Your efforts contribute to attracting more donations through our website, making a tangible difference in the causes we support.

    2. Each Nation representative should create HCI membership ID Cards. These are vital and necessary for the transparency of members' names and their identification of who works with us on the ground. These ID cards should include: Name, Photo, Company Logo, Contact Number, DOB, and Signatures of our President and that specific nation representative.

Money Transfers: 

Nation representatives will receive funds through Ria money transfer. You must log in using company funds. In each country that we have expanded to, we have a Nation representative that oversees and manages members within their city and cities throughout that country. Below you will find the names of each representative associated with their nation:



Banjul, Gambia



Mumbai, India


Bekaa, Lebanon 



Kediri, Bali Indonesia 


Nairobi, Kenya


Cairo, Egypt


Islamabad, Pakistan 


Bethlehem, Palestine





Lagos, Nigeria 


Kathmandu, Nepal



Sanaag, Somalia


Zanzibar, Tanzania

Ibrahim Hussam

Khartoum, Sudan


Accra, Ghana



Ottawa, Canada

Abigail Gv

Chihuahua, Mexico

Bledar Kuqo

Tirana, Albania

Tamer Ashraf

Gaza, Palestine


Money Transfer Policies: 

  • Any member of HCI has the ability and power to approve a mission proposal as long as corporate was contacted. Any member of HCI has the ability to send money transfers to nation representatives. 

  • Secure passwords for Gmail, Donorbox, RIA ETC. Will be shared with members but they do not have authority to send or withdraw money without permission from corporate. 

  • Each member should have the RIA APP downloaded to send and receive company funds.

  • Any member of HCI has the ability and power to approve a mission proposal as long as corporate was contacted. 

  • We send money to different representatives every two months, and never consecutively. Meaning, for example, we can’t send money to India in January AND in February; every month it’s a different country. Representatives should be sent a fixed amount of $200.00 every two months, they take turns Every two Monthly. This includes all 23 countries.  

  • When people donate, We will only direct their money to regular donations unless we have an ongoing campaign such as disaster relief. 


Company Dress-code:

Team members preparing for missions within our organization adhere to a carefully curated uniform, meticulously designed to convey a sense of professionalism and unity. Central to this ensemble is the combination of a sleek HCI black shirt with our logo and matching pants, chosen not only for their timeless elegance but also for their adaptability to diverse environments. These elements form the foundation of our team's visual identity, creating a cohesive and polished appearance that seamlessly integrates into various mission settings.

A distinctive feature of the uniform is the proudly displayed organization logo on the shirt. This logo is meticulously embroidered with precision, serving as a visual symbol of our collective identity and the shared commitment we hold toward a common cause. It represents more than just an emblem; it stands as a testament to the values and principles that bind us together as a dedicated team. As team members venture into the field, the black shoes they wear complete the ensemble, carefully selected for their understated yet polished appearance, ensuring both comfort and functionality in the diverse terrains our missions may encompass.

Beyond its practical considerations, this uniform is more than just clothing—it fosters a profound sense of cohesion among team members. Moreover, it projects a strong and united image of our organization, reinforcing our dedication to excellence in every endeavor. In essence, our uniform becomes a tangible representation of our shared purpose and the collective strength that propels us forward in our mission.


 Our Impact:

Humanity Connect Initiative is proud to share the impactful strides we've made in extending help and aid to orphans and impoverished individuals. Over the past year, our organization has provided nourishment to thousands of individuals, including orphaned children and those living in poverty. With a commitment to eradicating hunger, we've distributed over 100,000 nutritious meals, addressing a fundamental need for sustenance among vulnerable populations. These efforts have resulted in a tangible impact, as evidenced by a 30% reduction in malnutrition rates among the communities we serve. Our organization's commitment to holistic development has also led to a 25% improvement in healthcare access for impoverished families through mobile health clinics and medical outreach programs. These statistics underscore the transformative change we've catalyzed in the lives of those we support, providing not just immediate relief but also sowing the seeds for a brighter and more sustainable future. For instance, consider the case of Sarah, an orphan who, with HCI's support, not only received regular meals but also accessed quality education, breaking the cycle of poverty in her family and inspiring her community towards positive change.


“Together, this incredible team works harmoniously to make our charity's mission a reality, touching lives and creating positive change.”


  • Learn more about our operations and life-saving missions around the w...

All Representatives should use the PDF below to submit a mission proposal

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