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Mission Guidelines

Mission statement: Humanity Connect Initiative is an organization where we envision making a positive change for human lives. We work to deliver humanitarian aid assistance in efforts to make a measurable difference for our international community by providing essential resources such as food, water, and medical aid. Humanity Connect can serve as a lifeline for vulnerable communities, offering not just survival essentials, but also fostering a sense of hope and resilience for those rebuilding their lives amidst adversity.





Mission Guidelines:

  • Charity purposes should benefit the public and charity trustees must run their charities for the benefit 

  • Donations and money withdrawals going towards humanitarian aid must be notified by team members and representatives

  • Increase donor quantity rates up 75% as possible every month by making sure to recruit people on signing up for $10 monthly donor membership

  • All HCI member must take professional quality video and pictures

  • Videos will increase 80% outcome rate effective in recruiting donors the professional marketing of the organization

  • Establish general meetings, agenda, and collaboration with all HCI team members and representatives

  • Staff members and HCI representatives must abide by the rules and regulations when working on doing missionary volunteering work.

  • Clear vision, mission, and purpose: has a clear defined statement on mission, vision, goals, and measurable outcomes that may reflect broad stakeholder input & improvement on the organization's international mission projects.

  • Maintain high expectation project outcome by interviewing and talking to children who may need food, water, and other essential equipments/aid

  • Communicating and building relationship with children who have experienced forms of trauma, such as PTSD, stress, and mental health must be handled in a good manner

Safety guidelines


  • In any circumstance, if at any moment a member is subject to safety or endanger of any harm please contact and report to an HCI security officer


  • Avoid situations that could become physically or spiritually dangerous or that could be misunderstood.


  • Always be safe and use common sense when on the ground and around the public and talking to community leaders and team

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